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Android phone makers may have to start paying for the Play Store, other Google apps (in Europe)

After the European Union slapped Google with a $5 billion fine in an antitrust case this summer, Google appealed the ruling. But while waiting for the outcome of that appeal, Google has come up with a plan B: the company is changing the way it licenses its apps and services for Android phones and tablets […]

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Google is bringing big changes to its search engine (more pictures and videos, Google Lens, etc)

Google Search turns 20 this year. And while Google was just a search engine in 1998, these days it’s also the home to YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, the Chrome web browser (and operating system) and Android, among other things. But the company still has a search engine that you may use from time to time… and today […]

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Google’s only app for Windows 10 Mobile stops working

Windows-powered smartphones have had declining market share for years, and at this point even Microsoft has pretty much given up on its own Windows 10 Mobile operating system (although it will continue to offer security updates for a little longer). So it’s not surprising that developers of third-party apps have largely abandoned the platform as […]

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Google launches a keyboard app for iOS (with integrated search)

Now that Apple allows iPhone users to install third-party keyboards, it opens the door for apps that not only change the way you type, but which can perform other functions. Case in point: Google has just released an iOS keyboard called Gboard. Not only does it let you enter text and emoji. It also incorporates […]

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Google search learns to answer more complex questions

Google is rolling out an update for its search apps that should allow you to get answers to more complicated questions. Google says its apps now understand questions with complicated combinations, such as “What was the US population when Return fo the Jedi was released.” That question, if you break it down, requires Google to know that […]

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Toggle Android to toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, and Flashlight with voice commands

Want to quickly turn WiFi, Bluetooth, or the flashlight on or off on your Android phone? You can pull down from the top of the screen to bring up the Quick Settings panel and tap an icon to toggle the feature. Or if you have a device running Android 5.0 and have the latest version […]

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Android: Google Now cards work offline, Google Drive loses doc editing

Google rolled out a few updates to its Android apps this week, some for the better and some for the… well, it depends. The latest version of the Google Search app adds support for viewing Google Now cards even if you lose your internet connection. Meanwhile, the Google Drive app for Android no longer lets […]

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Lilbits (2-05-2014): Google’s Android app updates

Google has rolled out updates for 6 of its Android apps, including Google Search, Google Drive, and Google Maps. The updates bring new features including support for re-routing your directions when a faster route is available and viewing animated GIFs uploaded to Google Drive. The new version of Google Search also gives the stock Launcher […]

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Google Search for Android now shows relevant apps in results

Say you’re using your phone to search for a movie or actor and the best search result Google provides takes you to the IMDB website… but you’ve already got the IMDB app installed on your phone. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tap a button to bring up the relevant page in the […]