Google Auto Awesome Movies will automatically edit your Google+ videos

Google is expanding its “Auto Awesome” enhancements for media uploaded to your Google+ account. Earlier this year the company started offering the ability to automatically enhanced your photos by making adjustments to improve bad shots or make good shots even better (in some cases), while sometimes even creating animated GIFs out of a series of […]

Google Hangouts for Android adds SMS, location sharing, more

Google is rolling out an update to its Hangouts service today, bringing new features to desktop and mobile users. That includes HD video enabled by default no matter what kind of device you’re using, and a unified messaging experience if you’re on an Android device. For the first time, that means you can use Hangouts […]

Lilbits (8-20-2013): Google Maps gets crowd-source traffic updates

It’s been a few months since Google acquired mobile mapping service Waze and promised to bring crowd-sourced data about traffic accidents and other conditions on the roads to Google Maps. Now it’s available. Waze incident reports about construction, road closures, and other conditions will start showing up in Google Maps for Mobile in the US, UK, […]

New Google+ browser-based photo enhancement tools roll out today

At Google I/O today the company announced several updates and enhancements to Google+, including a bunch around photos. Now when you upload images to the social network you’ll get access to a bunch of tools for enhancing them as well as more space for full size storage. It’s not as extensive as Photoshop or even […]

Google+ got game

Google has begun rolling out a Games page for members of its Google+ social network. Games aren’t available to all users yet, but once it’s available you should see a new icon next to the Circles tab above your Stream that lets you visit the new page. From there you’ll be able to see game […]