Former Google Plus users to get (a little) money from class action settlement

Google shut down its Google+ social network last year after the company decided that not enough people were using it to justify the trouble of keeping it up and running and… you know, bug free. That last part accelerated Google’s timeline for ending the service, after a major security vulnerability was discovered in late 2018. […]

Google builds a graveyard for its own dead products (for Halloween)

Google is responsible for some of the most widely used software in the world including Android, Gmail, YouTube, Google Assistant, and of course Google Search. But the company also has a habit of killing off popular products because they’re not popular enough for a company of Google’s size to keep them around, or because they don’t […]

February 4th is the beginning of the end for Google+

Google is pulling the plug on its last big attempt to go head-to-head with Facebook in the social media space. The company had already announced that Google+ would shut down in April. Now the company is telling us what happens between now and then. Long story short: if you’ve been using Google+ you’re going to […]

Google+ is shutting down in August, 2019 (because nobody used it and it wasn’t all that secure)

Google has announced plans to shut down its social network. When Google+ first launched in 2011, the company focused on features like “Circles,” which gave users more control over who they shared updates with than rivals like Facebook and Twitter, and “Hangouts,” which allowed for text and video chatting. But while Google+ developed some loyal […]

Revamped Google+ is focused on communities, collections

It’s been more than four years since Google launched Google+ as a social network… and while the site has certainly attracted some loyal users, it’s never quite reached the same kind of ubiquity as Facebook and Twitter. Recently Google has started streamlining the service, first by unbundling features such as Google Photos and YouTube from Google+ and now […]

Google starts unbundling Google+ from services, starting with YouTube

YouTube is going anti-social… or rather, Google is reversing its controversial decision to require users to sign up for a Google+ social network account. New users don’t need a Google+ profile to upload videos, create a channel, or leave comments anymore. And comments left on videos won’t show up on your Google+ profile should you […]

Lilbits 304: Maybe Microsoft makes more money next year

Microsoft has just released its earnings report for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year. As expected, the company took a nearly $8 billion write-off for costs associated with its acquisition of Nokia’s phone business. So it’s probably not all that surprising that the company says revenue from its Devices and Consumer business declined. Windows OEM […]

Google Auto Awesome Movies will automatically edit your Google+ videos

Google is expanding its “Auto Awesome” enhancements for media uploaded to your Google+ account. Earlier this year the company started offering the ability to automatically enhanced your photos by making adjustments to improve bad shots or make good shots even better (in some cases), while sometimes even creating animated GIFs out of a series of […]