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Daily Deals (12-27-2018)

Did you get a new computer, tablet, smartphone, or eReader over the holidays? Then you might be looking for some apps, games, or digital media to fill it up with. Tomorrow might be a good time to do that — Amazon’s going to be running a “Digital Day” sale. But you don’t have to wait […]

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Hacking Amazon’s Fire tablets (Black Friday 2018 edition)

Amazon’s Fire tablets already offer a lot of bang for the buck, with list prices starting as low as $50. But this week Amazon is offering deep discounts on most of its Fire tablet lineup as part of a┬áBlack Friday sale. Starting November 22nd you’ll be able to pick up a Fire 7 tablet for […]

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Android phone makers may have to start paying for the Play Store, other Google apps (in Europe)

After the European Union slapped Google with a $5 billion fine in an antitrust case this summer, Google appealed the ruling. But while waiting for the outcome of that appeal, Google has come up with a plan B: the company is changing the way it licenses its apps and services for Android phones and tablets […]

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Let’s speculate: What would Android look like if Google complies with the EU decision

The European union wants Google to end what it sees as anti-competitive practices that force most phone and tablet makers to preload their devices with Google Search and the Chrome web browser if they also include the Google Play Store. Google plans to appeal the decision, but what if Google loses? What happens next? I […]

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Google Play Instant lets you play (some) Android games without installing

Google is expanding its Instant Apps feature to games, allowing you to tap a “try now” button in the Google Play Store to test some Android games without first downloading and installing them. It’s called Google Play Instant, and there are a half dozen games that support the feature at launch. You can find them […]

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Android’s “Check for update” button finally seems to work (with Google Play Services 12.2.09)

Dig into the settings of your Android phone or tablet and you’ll find a “check for update” button in the System Update section. Tap it and… most likely nothing will happen. At least that’s been true for years. But it looks like it’s finally starting to change. Multiple users are reporting that the latest version […]

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Google Play now offers audiobooks

As expected, Google is now selling audiobooks through the Google Play Store. Customers in 45 countries can find audiobooks in 9 languages, along with all the other things that Google sells through the Play Store (including apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books). Google notes that you can listen to purchased books using an Android […]