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Install the Google Play Store on Windows 11 with this Windows Subsystem for Android hack

The new Windows Subsystem for Android is designed to let you run Android apps on Windows 11 computers. The official way to get apps is through the Microsoft Store and/or Amazon Appstore. Unofficially you can sideload apps from any source (we have a guide for doing that). But what if you want to install the […]

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South Korea breaks up Apple and Google app store payment monopolies

Epic Games has taken Apple and Google to court over those companies’ insistence that developers who make their apps and games available through the App Store and Google Play Store have to use Apple and Google’s in-app payment systems. The outcome of that court case could determine how billing for in-app purchases and subscriptions works […]

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Lilbits: Next-gen iPad mini leaked, next-gen Samsung everything leaked too

Apple’s next iPad mini could have a bigger screen, slimmer bezels, and a much faster processor. Samsung’s next-gen foldable smartphones could debut in August, along with new smartwatches (running Wear OS rather than Tizen), and wireless earbuds. Leak season is upon us. Oh, who am I kidding, every season is leak season. But the sources […]

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Google says Android 12 will better support third-party app stores

Don’t like the Google Play Store and Google’s policies for how developers can use it to distribute their apps? Then you don’t have to use it. One of the differences between Android and iOS is that Google officially lets users (or phone makers) install third-party app stores, while Apple does not. Now Google says the […]

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How to disable Android auto app updates from the Google Play Store (for all apps or just some)

Automatic Android app updates are usually a good thing. Developers can make new features, bug fixes, or other changes available to users by uploading a new version of their app to the Google Play Store and most Android phones and tablets will download and install those updates automatically. But there are a few reasons you […]

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Lilbits 341: You can still install Google Play on the latest Fire Tablets

Amazon’s new Fire HD 8 tablet went up for pre-order about a month ago and started shipping today… and of course the first thing some folks did was try to figure out if you could install the Google Play Store on the tablet. You can. While Amazon’s tablets ship with an operating system called Fire […]

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Let’s speculate: What would Android look like if Google complies with the EU decision

The European union wants Google to end what it sees as anti-competitive practices that force most phone and tablet makers to preload their devices with Google Search and the Chrome web browser if they also include the Google Play Store. Google plans to appeal the decision, but what if Google loses? What happens next? I […]

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Google makes it tougher to use Google Apps on uncertified devices

Most Android devices that ship in countries that aren’t China come with the Google Play Store and other Google apps and services pre-installed. While the Android operating system is open source, these Google Apps are proprietary and Google requires phones, tablets, and other devices to meet certain requirements before they can be shipped with Google […]

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Google Play now offers audiobooks

As expected, Google is now selling audiobooks through the Google Play Store. Customers in 45 countries can find audiobooks in 9 languages, along with all the other things that Google sells through the Play Store (including apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books). Google notes that you can listen to purchased books using an Android […]

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Google puts accessibility services app crackdown on hold (for now)

Last month Google began telling developers of Android apps that used the operating system’s accessibility services in unexpected ways that they’d have to modify their apps or have them pulled from the Play Store. In one way, that makes sense: accessibility services like screen readers grant apps access to a lot of information they wouldn’t […]