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Lilbits (6-14-2013): Kindle Fire HD for India, Retina iMacs on the way?

Apple’s new MacBook Air laptops with Intel Haswell chips are designed to offer better performance and longer battery life than last year’s models. We can thank the new energy efficient chips for part of the improvement, but Apple also tucked some higher-capacity batteries under the hood. Now you can see what they look like, thanks […]

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Google’s subscription music service coming soon to iOS

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said there’s nothing stopping the company from releasing apps for Android… if the company saw any reason to do that. Meanwhile, Google has long been offering apps that run on Apple’s mobile devices, including official Google Maps, YouTube, and Gmail apps. Now it looks like Google’s “All Access” subscription music […]

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Google Music Android app hacked with black, white, and gray color scheme

The Google Play Music app for Android is a powerful music player that you can use to listen to tracks on your device, music uploaded to Google’s online music service, create instant mixes based on a single song, and more. But the app, which was first released nearly two years ago looks like an app… […]

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Google Music gets matching feature, saves you from uploading 20,000 songs

Google Play Music lets you upload as many as 20,000 songs to Google’s servers and then stream them to any device with a web browser or mobile app. You can also re-download songs you’ve uploaded, which makes it a useful service for backing up your music collection. But uploading thousands of songs takes a lot […]