Google acquires Songza to bring better playlists to Google Play Music

Good news for fans of Google Play Music: Google has announced that it’s acquiring Songza, a music streaming company that specializes in curated playlists. Hopefully this is good news for Songza too, since the startup now has access to Google-sized resources. But Google has a habit of shutting down products from the companies it acquires […]

Lilbits (4-24-2014): Vic Gundotra leaves Google, IFTTT comes to Android

It’s a time for departures and arrivals: The head of Google+ is leaving Google, but the makers of popular web “recipe” service IFTTT (If This, Then That) are coming to Google with a new Android app that lets you do things like do things like send a notification if the forecast calls for rain, or […]

Buy a Chromebook, get 60 days of Google Play Music All Access

Google’s offering two months of free, on-demand music to customers who pick up select Chromebooks. From now through September 30th, 2014 if you pick up most Chromebook models, you get 60 days to try out Google Play Music All Access, Google’s online music streaming service. All Access subscriptions normally run about $10 per month and […]

Lilbits (3-07-2014): Download music on your Tizen smartwatch?

Wondering if there will be any decent third-party apps for upcoming devices running Tizen software? Samsung’s new smartwatches run Tizen, and eventually we could see Tizen phones and watches… and you’ll be able to buy music on any of them. 7digital has announced it’s bringing its digital music store with 25 million tracks to Tizen […]

Lilbits (2-12-2014): LG G2 shrinks down, becomes a G2 mini

Mobile World Congress is just a few weeks away, and you can expect an onslaught of smartphone and tablet news to come out of Barcelona in late February. But plenty of companies are getting a head start by announcing that they’ll be have announcements. Case in point: Meet the LG G2 Mini. While LG hasn’t […]

Lilbits (12-05-2013): Seeing the world through Google colored glasses

Google has been promising to deliver a version of Google Glass that will work with prescription lenses for a while, and now we’ve got a first glimpse of what that will look like. The company is reportedly working to partner with at least one eyewear company, and there may be more — so we could actually […]

Running Google Apps on the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX (Gmail, Play Music, etc)

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 7 and HDX 8.9 tablets have high-resolution displays, fast processors, and tight integration with Amazon’s app, music, book, and video stores. But they also let you side-load third party apps that don’t come from the Amazon Appstore, and Android Cowboy has figured out how to use that feature to give Amazon’s […]