The day the music dies: Google Play Music will go silent by October

Google is in the process of consolidating its music streaming services — a few months ago the company launched a tool that would allow Google Play Music users to migrate their data to YouTube Music. And now Google has announced that it will begin shutting down Google Play Music in September. That’s when the service […]

YouTube Music is getting a cloud storage locker for your personal music collection

Google currently has two music streaming services — but the company plans to eventually phase out the older Google Play Music service and shift its resources to the newer YouTube Music, which launched nearly two years ago. First, the company plans to bring some features from Google Play Music to YouTube Music — like the ability to […]

Google Play music guesses what you want to hear, puts it front and center

Google is rolling out an update to Play Music, which the company says will use machine learning to suggest appropriate playlists depending on the time, weather, location, or other conditions. Basically, google says it’ll be able to figure out what music you like to hear, when you like to hear it, and put suggested playlists on […]

Google Play Music launches podcasts, recommends shows based on your mood

Google Play Music is now more than just music. Google has launched a podcast section that lets you stream episodes of your favorite shows… or find new shows you might like. That last bit is an area where Google’s podcast offering might stand out from the competition. While there’s no shortage of podcast apps and services, […]

Podcasts coming to Google Play this month (already available for some users)

A few months ago Google announced that it would be rolling out support for podcasts in Google Play Music. Now it looks like the wait is almost over. In fact, it’s already over for some users. Last night popular podcaster Bill Simmons seems to have spilled the beans in a now-deleted Twitter post, saying that Google […]

Songza shuts down in January, tech lives on in Google Play Music

Google is pulling the plug on music streaming service Songza on January 31st, 2016… sort of. Songza offers a wide range of unusual playlists based on genre, mood, decade, activities, or other features. Not sure what you want to hear? There’s a concierge that offers suggestions based on the time of day, time of year, […]