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Google makes it easier to read (some) comic books on smartphones with Bubble Zoom

I’ve written about a lot of tablets over the past 6 years or so… and I’ve even bought a few myself. But to be honest, the only thing I really use tablets for is reading eBooks and comic books. For just about everything else I could do with a tablet, I’d prefer to use a phone […]

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Lilbits (12-11-2013): Setting Windows Phone, RT free (for device makers)

It’s hard to compete with free. Google currently dominates the smartphone space by giving away its Android operating system for free to anyone that wants to install it. If Google makes money from Android, it’s largely due to revenue from apps sold in the Play Store and the increased use of Google services by Android […]

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Now you can upload your own books to Google Books, read anywhere

Google Books is a platform that lets you buy books (or read free, public domain titles) in a web browser or on any Android or iOS device with a Google Books app. The cloud-based approach means that your bookmarks, last read page and other data are synchronized across devices, so you can start reading on […]

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Now Google Play Books can read books aloud to you

Google has rolled out an update to its eBook app for Android, adding support for pinch-to-zoom, double-tap to zoom, improved text editing when taking notes, and bug fixes. Oh yeah, there’s also a new “Read aloud” option in Google Play Books that lets you listen to books instead of reading them. Google Android has text-to-speech […]