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Lilbits: Roku kills private channels (goodbye porn and piracy), Google makes 2-factor authentication mandatory for more users

Roku is changing the way it allows developers to beta test channels… and that change will effectively close a loophole that has allowed companies and individual users to provide unofficial “private” channels over the years. One of the most obvious casualties will be porn sites, but there are thousands of different private channels that will […]

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Lilbits: ARM computers, Linux phones, and the Pixel 2 rides off into the sunset

After rocking a Google Pixel 2 as my primary smartphone for the past three years, I took advantage of a Google Fi Black Friday promotion and traded in my phone for a brand new Pixel 4a 5G for $298 after trade-in. There were two reasons I decided the time was right to upgrade. First, my […]

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Daily Deals (2-26-2020)

The Google Pixel 2 may be turning three years old this year, but it’s in line for at least one more major Android update, and it’s still a pretty great phone with an excellent camera (even if unlike modern flagships, the Pixel 2 has only one rear camera). While Google stopped selling this phone a while […]

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Google enables Pixel 2’s Pixel Visual Core for third-party apps

Snap a photo using a Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL with the default camera app and Google’s HDR+ technology helps you capture images with high dynamic range colors so that you don’t just get better photos in low-light settings, but you can capture dark and light accurately in the same shot. Up until […]

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Camera NX brings Pixel 2 portrait mode to other phones

The Google Pixel 2 has one of the best smartphone cameras on the market, and one of the niftiest features is its support for portrait-style photos that blur the background. While that’s not an unusual feature for top-tier smartphones, most other phones that have a portrait mode use dual cameras to achieve it. Google’s Pixel […]

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Google’s AR Stickers let you add 3D characters to photos (on Pixel phones running Android 8.1)

When Google unveiled the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones in October, the company showed off a new augmented reality feature called AR Stickers. Now it’s rolling out to users, allowing them to place 3D characters in real-world environments using the camera app. Right now you need a Pixel phone running Android 8.1 in […]