Lilbits Leaks: Walmart’s Android TV stick, Qualcomm’s next-mid-range laptop CPU, Samsung’s Galaxy A phones

Walmart’s working on a media streamer powered by Google’s Android TV software. The company hasn’t actually announced the new product yet, but an FCC listing spilled the beans. Meanwhile Evan Blass has spilled the beans on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A72 smartphone, Windows Future has spilled a few beans about Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon processor for mid-range […]

Lilbits: Chip shortage, PlayStation Portable emulator, and Google Photos

There’s a semiconductor shortage that’s affecting the supply of chips for a wide range of products including laptop and desktop computers, game consoles, and automobiles, just to name a few product categories. Like so many things that have happened in the past year, you can largely blame this on COVID-19, which has led to changes […]

Lilbits: Pixel 5 custom ROMs, GPD Win 3 gameplay, and Plasma Mobile updates

Less than a month after the Google Pixel 5 began shipping to customers, developers have created the first custom ROM for the phone. GPD’s next handheld gaming computer probably won’t ship until Q2, 2020, but the company is starting to show off gameplay on a prototype of its new Tiger Lake-powered handheld. And a group […]

Google releases Gallery Go: a lightweight, offline version of Google Photos

Google Photos has become immensely popular over the past four years, having recently crossed the billion-user line. The service lets you automatically back up your photos to the cloud, where they’re automatically organized and made searchable. You can also use Google’s tools to edit and share your photos with others. Now Google is bringing many […]

Google Photos will use AI to suggest edits, colorize B&W photos, convert documents to PDF

Google Photos already uses machine learning in some pretty cool ways to do things like let you search for all the photos with a certain friend, family member, or pet just by tagging them once and then searching by name. Soon it’ll get a whole bunch of new artificial intelligence features, including the ability to […]

If you take a lot of photos, the original Pixel has a perk the Pixel 2 does not

Google’s Pixel smartphones have some of the best cameras available on any phone. The 2016 model was one of the best available at the time… and the 2017 model is said to have an even better camera. If you use those cameras to snap a lot of photos, Google also offers a bonus feature: if […]

Google Photo Book: buy a a printed book with your best photos (made with machine learning)

Odds are that you take a lot of photos with your smartphone camera… but getting them off your phone can be a bit of a pain. Google Photos helps by offering an option to automatically back up your pictures to the web. But if you want to print them and store them in a photo […]