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Lilbits (12-23-2013): Updating your devices (officially or not)

Want to make sure your gadget is running the latest software? Sometimes that’s easy… sometimes it’s less easy. And sometimes it’s officially unsupported. Today’s roundup of tech stories from around the web includes a few OS updates: Hackers have figured out how to install Android 4.4 KitKat on Google’s now-defunct Nexus Q media streaming orb. […]

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Google’s beta culture infecting the hardware side of the business

Remember last week when I said that Google was moving its habit of beta launching software, getting tons of users, killing it, then resurrecting elements as different software had now moved into the hardware realm? We’ve now reached the “kill it” stage with the Nexus Q. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise for a […]

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Google delays Nexus Q media streamer launch, adds new features

Google is delaying the official launch of the Nexus Q device for streaming music, movies, and other content from the Google Play Store to your TV. According to an email being sent to customers that have placed pre-orders, the company plans to “work on making it even better.” The good news is that if you […]

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CyanogenMod 9 ported to the Google Nexus Q

The Google Nexus Q is a $299 media streaming device designed to let you play music and movies purchased or rented from the Google Play Store. Out of the box, it doesn’t have a user interface. Instead, Google offers an app that lets you control media playback from your Android phone or tablet. Under the […]

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Google Nexus Q can run Android apps… kind of

Google is positioning the Nexus Q as a device that you plug into your TV to stream music, movies, and other content from the Google Play Store, YouTube, and other internet sites. But under the hood, the Nexus Q basically has the same hardware as a Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone, and it’s running Google Android […]

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Google Nexus Q: $299 home theater device for Google Play Store content

Google has introduced its first home theater device, the Nexus Q. It’s kind of Google’s answer to the Apple TV: A device that lets you stream music, movies, and other content from the Google Play Store to a TV. But it’s also much more than that… which helps explain the $299 price tag for the […]