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Lilbits (9-25-2013): Google Voice shows (small) signs of life

Google Voice has been on a lot of people’s short-lists for a Google spring cleaning for the past few years. It’s a pretty awesome service which can transcribe your voicemail, assigns you a single phone number that you can give people to ring some or all of your phones, screen and automatically block calls from […]

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Google Nexus 5 shows up (again) in leaked videos

Google’s next-generation Nexus phone has been showing up in videos, photos, FCC documents, and other places for a few weeks. Now a few new photos and videos of the Google Nexus 5 have surfaced, giving us the best look at the phone yet… which isn’t saying much. 9To5Google received a tip with a few pictures […]

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FCC docs suggest an LG Nexus 5 with Snapdragon 800 is on the way

Google has a habit of revealing new Nexus smartphones about once a year, and it’s almost time for the latest model. While there’s been speculation that the next Nexus phone could come from Motorola, LG, or any number of other companies, there’s mounting evidence that the new Nexus will be a 5 inch smartphone built […]