Huawei’s new phones cost up to $2300, ship without Google Play

Huawei’s latest smartphones feature impressive hardware, design, and software. But one thing they don’t feature? Google Mobile Services. While Google’s Android operating system is open source, the company’s Google Mobile Services which includes Search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and the Google Play Store are not. And due to US trade restrictions, Huawei wasn’t able to […]

Google could charge up to $40 to include its apps on Android phones in the EU

This week Google announced that it would comply with an EU order to unbundle some of the apps it licenses to Android phone makers while appealing the ruling. The move would allow phone makers to include the Google Play Store and Gmail without loading the Chrome web browser or Google Search apps, for example. But […]

Android phone makers may have to start paying for the Play Store, other Google apps (in Europe)

After the European Union slapped Google with a $5 billion fine in an antitrust case this summer, Google appealed the ruling. But while waiting for the outcome of that appeal, Google has come up with a plan B: the company is changing the way it licenses its apps and services for Android phones and tablets […]

Google makes it tougher to use Google Apps on uncertified devices

Most Android devices that ship in countries that aren’t China come with the Google Play Store and other Google apps and services pre-installed. While the Android operating system is open source, these Google Apps are proprietary and Google requires phones, tablets, and other devices to meet certain requirements before they can be shipped with Google […]

Google and MediaTek make it easier for device makers to ship phones with Google Play Services (GMS Express)

Since Google releases the source code for most versions of Android, any company that wants to load it on a phone, tablet, or other device can do that. But if you want to include Google Mobile Services (including the Play Store, Play Services, YouTube, and other core apps), you need to meet Google’s software compatibility […]

Remix Mini loses Google apps in latest OS update

Remix OS is a modified version of Google Android designed to make Google’s mobile operating system feel like a desktop OS. It has a taskbar, a desktop, and support for running apps in windows that can be moved or resized. Remix OS developer Jide launched a version of the operating system that can be installed […]

Free and open source Android framework attempts to replace Google Play Services

Google’s Android operating system may be open source software, but some of the most popular Android apps including YouTube, Google Maps, and the Chrome web browser are not. Neither is Google Play Services, which is a framework that many apps from Google and other developers tap into. So while any device maker can load up […]