Google is bringing big changes to its search engine (more pictures and videos, Google Lens, etc)

Google Search turns 20 this year. And while Google was just a search engine in 1998, these days it’s also the home to YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, the Chrome web browser (and operating system) and Android, among other things. But the company still has a search engine that you may use from time to time… and today […]

Google steps up its augmented reality game with ARCore 1.0 and Google Lens update

Google is bringing its latest augmented reality platform out of beta. First announced last year, ARCore is a set of tools software developers can use to create apps that superimpose virtual objects on real-world scenes using a smartphone’s camera and other sensors. It’s not as sophisticated as Google’s Project Tango, which also relied on specialized […]

Google Lens image recognition is like Google Goggles evolved

Google has announced that it’s bringing a new feature to Google Assistant that uses computer vision to recognize real-world items and suggest appropriate actions. It’s sort of like the all-but-defunct Google Goggles, in that you can point your phone’s camera at an item to find out what it is. But it goes further by allowing […]