Project Mainline could bring quicker security updates to Android devices (no reboot required)

Google can already roll out some new features to Android devices through the Play Store, but updating apps like Google Keyboard, Search, Maps, or Play Services. But major security updates and new operating system features typically require an operating system update — and those are harder for Google to roll out on its own, since […]

Google unveils Pixel 3a smartphones, priced at $399 and up

As expected, Google is launching a line of mid-range phones with many of the same features available on the company’s Pixel flagships. The¬†Google Pixel 3a is available starting today for $399 and up. While the phones lack some of the premium design features of their pricier siblings, they have the same high-quality cameras, unlimited Google […]

Android 10 includes dark theme, gesture navigation, and more

Google rolled out the first beta of Android Q earlier this year, but the company has now confirmed that the next version of its smartphone operating system will be called Android 10 when it launches later this year. On-device machine learning Among other things, Android 10 will include native support for 5G cellular connectivity and […]

Google Assistant is getting up to 10x faster thanks to on-device language processing

Google Assistant has historically relied on cloud-based services to recognize your voice and respond to your requests. But Google says it’s managed to shrink its voice recognition model to about 500MB, allowing it to be stored on a phone for on-device processing. Since there’s no round-trip to the cloud required, that means Google Assistant can […]