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Google releases an Android TV dongle… for developers only

If you want to buy a Google-branded video streaming device, you currently have two options: the Chromecast or the Chromecast Ultra. But if you want a device with the more full-featured Android TV user interface, you need to go with third-party hardware. Since Google stopped selling the Nexus Player (which first launched in 2014), the […]

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Google ARCore 1.2 brings multiplayer support to augmented reality games and apps

Google is updating its augmented reality API by offering the ability for placing apps on vertical surfaces (like placing virtual artwork on a textured wall), and new tools for developers. But possibly the coolest new feature in ARCore 1.2 is one that makes it possible for multiple people to interact with the same augmented reality […]

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Google Photos will use AI to suggest edits, colorize B&W photos, convert documents to PDF

Google Photos already uses machine learning in some pretty cool ways to do things like let you search for all the photos with a certain friend, family member, or pet just by tagging them once and then searching by name. Soon it’ll get a whole bunch of new artificial intelligence features, including the ability to […]

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What’s new in Android P Beta?

The next version of Google Android is coming later this year, and while we got a first developer preview earlier this year, Google is launching a beta program today with a bunch of new features. One of the key themes in those new features? Intelligence. Android P uses on-device machine learning to help save battery […]

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Google Assistant is getting 6 new voices, plus new features

Google is kicking off its annual developer conference by talking up several changes rolling out soon to Google Assistant. The company says its voice assistant service is now available on 500 million devices and by the end of the year it will support 30 different languages in 80 countries. Google says most people interact with […]