Google’s modular smartphone is coming in 2017 (Project Ara dev edition coming in Q4, 2016)

Google’s Project Ara modular phone platform has been under development for years, and soon you’ll finally be able to get your hands on one. The first Project Ara developer kits will ship in the fourth quarter of 2016, and Google says it’s working on a consumer edition that will be available in 2017. The company […]

Levi’s unveils a smart jacket based on Google’s Project Jacquard

A year ago Google introduced a project to weave smart components into fabric to create clothing that you can use to interact with your gadgets. Now Levi’s has announced the first commercial product based on Google’s Project Jacquard technology. It’s a denim jacket designed specifically with cyclists in mind, allowing you to touch the sleeve […]

With Android apps coming to Chrome OS, is there room for Remix OS or Phoenix OS?

Over the past few years a number of companies have tried to turn Google Android into a desktop (or TV-focused) operating system by adding support for multi-window mode, among other things. Most recently, Chinese startups have launched Android-based operating systems like Remix OS and Phoenix OS which add a taskbar, desktop, and Windows-like multi-window functionality […]

Android apps will only run on new(ish) Chrome OS computers

Android apps are coming to Chrome OS soon. But you’ll need a relatively recent device to use them. Google has unveiled a list of the first Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and other Chrome OS computers that will support the Google Play Store and Android apps, and for the most part we’re looking at devices that launched in […]

Google’s Daydream ensures Android VR apps can run on Daydream-ready phones

Google’s next foray into virtual reality is a platform called Daydream that lets you use an Android phone or iPhone as a VR screen. The company is introducing a series of hardware specs for Daydream-ready phones, which means that developers can target those specs and be sure that anyone with a Daydream-ready device should be […]

NVIDIA Shield TV gains Netflix HDR, Vudu 4K support

The NVIDIA Shield TV may have been the first Android TV set-top-box to support 4K video, but when the Xiaomi Mi TV launches later this year, it’ll give NVIDIA’s TV box some competition. But NVIDIA isn’t sitting still. While the company isn’t ready to launch any new hardware just yet, NVIDIA has announced a new […]

Google Play Family Library: Share apps with up to 6 people

If you purchase an app from the Google Play Store you can download and install it on multiple devices. That means you can pay for a game on your smartphone, but install it on your tablet as well, or install it on a new phone when it’s time to upgrade. But if multiple people in […]

Yep, the Google Play Store is coming to Chrome OS

The rumors were true. Google is bringing the Google Play Store to Chrome OS, which means it’ll be much easier to find and install Android apps on Chromebooks or other devices running Google’s Chrome operating system. We’ll probably have to wait until May 19th for Google to officially announce the feature, but a summary for […]