Google Cardboard for iOS: Hands-on with the low-cost VR headset

Google announced an updated version of Google Cardboard last week, allowing the low-cost virtual reality headset to work with larger sized smartphones. It is also easier to put together, and is now compatible with iOS devices. Android users have had a full year with the do-it-yourself VR kit. But, if you are wondering how the experience fairs on […]

Google Spotlight Stories expanding from Android to iOS, YouTube

Spotlight stories are immersive videos shot in 360 degrees. When you watch on a smartphone, you can move your phone around to look at a different piece of the action so you can change the angle and see what’s happening above, behind, or below the the area you’d normally focus on. Google and Motorola first […]

Closer look at Project Tango: Google’s 3D sensors and software for tablets and smartphones

Project Tango is a tablet with special sensors that creates 3-D rendering using software that “senses” its surroundings similar to the way we see the world around us. It has a fisheye camera and a depth sensor combined with traditional motion sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope for area learning to create a visually immersive augmented […]

Google’s Project Vault is a security system on a microSD card

Google’s ATAP team has unveiled a device that looks like an ordinary microSD card. But Project Vault is actually a tiny computer that can add security features to just about any phone, tablet, or computer, allowing you to protect important files and communication. Well, almost any of those devices… it’s a little funny that Google […]

Google’s Project Jacquard turns clothing and other textiles into wearable

Google has two new projects aimed at giving us new ways to interact with our devices. One is a radar-powered system for using 3D gestures to control wearables and other gadgets. The other is a wearable technology called Project Jacquard which literally weaves touch sensors into fabric. That means your next shirt, sport coat, or pair […]

Google Project Soli: Tiny radar brings gesture support to wearables

Smartwatches and other wearable devices promise to deliver info-at-a-glance on a tiny display. But that small screen can be hard to interact with. So Google is looking for new ways to control wearable devices and other products that don’t involve touching a screen. Project Soli is one an experimental project to use radar technology to […]

Google VR updates: Improved Cardboard, iOS support, Expeditions

A year ago Google introduced Google Cardboard: a DIY kit that lets you turn a piece of cardboard into a device that lets you strap a phone to your face and turn it into a virtual reality machine. This year Google is updating Cardboard with a new design that’s easier to assemble, easier to use, […]