Samsung Chromebook gets a once-over… a few times

Samsung held an event last night to show off the Series 5 Chromebook, one of the first laptops designed to run Google’s Chrome operating system. I wasn’t able attend, but fortunately my colleagues at Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch and This is my next were all on-hand and they’ve posted some details and a whole lot of […]

Google expands Android beyond smartphones and tablets

Google Android may have started off as a smartphone operating system, but the software now powers tablets, set-top-boxes running Google TV, and even some laptops. Now Google is embracing the expansion of the Android platform with a few new announcements. First, Google is baking USB host support into Android 3.1 and launching an Android Open […]

Google introduces Android 3.1 for tablets, Ice Cream Sandwich for phones and tablets

Google has unveiled the two next major updates for the Android operating system. First up is Google Android 3.1, which should begin rolling out for Verizon Motorola XOOM 3G tablets right away. It will also eventually run on Google TV boxes. Android 3.1 will bring improvements to the task switcher, allowing you to view more […]