Google IO developer conference will not happen “in any capacity this year”

The Google IO developer conference was originally scheduled to take place from May 12-14 this year. But a few weeks ago Google announced it would be cancelling “this year’s physical event” in Mountain View California. Now the company says it won’t be holding an I/O event “in any capacity this year.” The update comes as […]

Google I/O 2020 is canceled due to COVID-19 concerns

Over the last few weeks, tech-related trade shows and conferences have been dropping like flies. Less than a month after the GSMA canceled this year’s Mobile World Congress show, Facebook, Microsoft, Adobe, and Google have all canceled events, while NVIDIA and others have moved events online. Now Google has announced it’s canceling its annual Google […]

Reports: Google to launch Android VR hardware

Google made it easy for anyone to get a taste of virtual reality when the company launched Google Cardboard a few years ago. Throw your smartphone into a cheap cardboard case with special lenses and you can experience 360-degree videos, apps, or virtual big-screen movies for a few bucks. But this year we’re starting to […]

Lilbits (6-23-2014): Get a $650 credit to trade a MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3

Microsoft says its latest tablet can replace a notebook. Now the company’s putting its money where its mouth is by offering shoppers up to $650 in credit when they trade in select MacBook Air models for a Surface Pro 3 tablet. As WinBeta notes, you’ll need a working device, you’ll have to take it into […]

Google Android 3.1 comes to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 limited edition tablet

When I met with Samsung VP Gavin Kim to discuss the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet last week, I asked him whether there was a plan to push Android 3.1 to the version of the tablet the company gave out at the Google I/O developer conference recently. The 5,000 limited edition tablets Samsung gave away […]