Lilbits (9-04-2013): Next-gen Microsoft Surface details leaked… or made up?

Microsoft introduced the original Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets about a year ago when the company launched Windows 8. With Windows 8.1 coming in October, and with most consumer electronics companies habitually releasing new models every year, it seems likely that new models are on the way. Reports from multiple sources (including Neowin,, […]

Google Glass expanding Explorer program, lets users invite a friend

Google Glass is a wearable device designed to let you search the web, get directions, record video, or chat with friends without pulling your phone out of your pocket. Google started shipping “Explorer Edition” versions of the device to early adopters with deep pockets earlier this year, but at this point there are probably fewer […]

Lilbits (7-06-2013): Open laptop development, and is Tizen dead?

There are plenty of ways to run open source software on an existing laptop. But hardware hacker Bunnie Huang wants to go further and develop a truly open laptop that’s not only Linux-friendly, but which uses entirely open hardware designs that are available for anyone to modify and use. Huang’s been working on the open […]

Google Glass adds web browsing, other distractions (features)

Right now Google Glass is an expensive device for developers and enthusiasts looking to test (and build) the future of wearable computing. Many early reviews of the $1500 Google Glass Explorer Edition have pointed out that the device doesn’t actually do very much aside from provide directions, snap photos, shoot video, and answer some questions. But […]

New MacBook Air, Google Glass get the teardown treatment: Huge, tiny batteries uncovered

Two new high-profile portable computing devices went under the knife this week. The folks at repair shop and community iFixit tore apart Apple’s newest 13 inch MacBook Air with a Haswell processor, while Star Simpson and Scott Torborg dissected a Google Glass device and snapped some stellar photographs of the process. Not surprisingly, the insides […]