Google is now selling expensive Google Glass accessories

Google plans to offer Google Glass to the masses in 2014 as an affordable, wearable device. Right now you can only get your hands on one if you work for Google, or have $1500 to spend and an acquaintance willing to share an invitation. So if you’re willing to drop $1500 on what’s essentially beta […]

This is what the new Google Glass looks like

Google is updating the hardware for its wearable Google Glass devices for the first time, promising that the new devices will support prescription lenses, sunglasses, and more. The new version of Google Glass also feature a mono earbud which will make it easier to hear what your eyewear is saying to you — although the […]

Google Glass Explorer program expands with updated hardware, more invitations

Google’s wearable Google Glass devices aren’t scheduled to go on sale to the public until next year, but the company is getting ready to expand the number of early adopters. Folks who’ve already paid $1500 to join the Google Glass Explorer Program will soon be able to invite up to three people to join the […]

Lilbits (10-03-2013): Hello Android 4.4?

About the only things Google has said about Android 4.4 KitKat are that there’s a new version of Android in the works, and that it’s called Android 4.4 KitKat. But it’s likely that this’ll be the version of Google’s mobile operating system that ships on the next Nexus smartphone, it’ll probably be available for older […]

Lilbits (9-19-2013): Google Wallet goes cross-platform

Google Wallet may have started its life as an app designed to let you tap your phone against a tap register to make electronic payments, but adoption hasn’t exactly been spectacular. The good news is that Google Wallet has a few other features: it can act as a virtual wallet for storing customer loyalty cards, […]