Google Glass gets KitKat update

Google is updating the software for its Google Glass wearable computer, bringing new features, updating the software to Android 4.4 KitKat, and removing one feature. The update should be available later this week, and it comes just as Google is opening up the platform to more users. For a limited time starting April 15th, anyone […]

Glass at Work puts Google Glass in construction, healthcare, sports and more

Google’s wearable Glass platform  is designed to be worn like a pair of glasses, allow you to view notifications, search the web, and generally let you interact with the internet and apps without pulling your phone out of your pocket. With early test devices selling for $1500, Glass is a bit expensive for most consumers […]

Lilbits (12-05-2013): Seeing the world through Google colored glasses

Google has been promising to deliver a version of Google Glass that will work with prescription lenses for a while, and now we’ve got a first glimpse of what that will look like. The company is reportedly working to partner with at least one eyewear company, and there may be more — so we could actually […]

You might be able to get Google Glass from your optometrist

Google has been promising that future versions of Google Glass would work with prescription lenses for people who already wear glasses. Now the Wall Street Journal reports that Google is in talks with at least one eyewear company that could result in Google’s wearable computer being sol through optometry offices. The idea is that you’ll […]

Lilbits (11-19-2013): Nexus accessories

Google’s been selling the Nexus 5 smartphone for weeks, but if you’ve wanted a little extra protection for your phone you’ve had to rely on third-party covers and cases. Now the official Nexus 5 Bumper is available from the Google Play Store. The company is also now selling a wireless charging pad that works with […]