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Now you can buy Google Glass from the Play Store (for $1500)

Google’s making it easier than ever to buy its Google Glass face computer. You can now pick one up from the Google Play Store, the same place you can buy Nexus phones and tablets, Android Wear smartwatches, and apps, music, books, and videos. Glass accessories including frames and earbuds are also available through the Play […]

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Future Google Glass devices might look more like… glasses

Google Glass is a wearable device that puts a small screen just above one eye and lets you search the web, snap photos, or perform other activities using voice commands. It’s also a pretty conspicuous device that has a tendency to make people think you’re constantly video recording them (whether you are or not). Now […]

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Lilbits (7-07-2014): Android Wear launch marred by paid apps-blocking bug

Now that the first smartwatches featuring Google’s Android Wear software are shipping, you might want to try running some of the Android apps that support the platform. If you’re using a free app… no problem. But it turns out that a bug is preventing you from loading paid apps from the App Store onto an […]

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Google Glass goes international: Google’s wearable hits the UK

Google Glass is taking its first steps into international territory. Up until now Google has only invited US residents to participate in its Google Glass Explorer program for folks that want to test pre-release versions of the company’s wearable computer. Now Glass Explorer program is also available to folks in the UK. If you thought […]

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Google adds more stylish frames for Google Glass

There’s no avoiding the fact that Google Glass is geeky. You’re essentially strapping a wearable camera and computer to your face. But now that Google offers Glass with frames for prescription lenses, it looks a little less crazy. After all, you’re already wearing something on your face… why not add a camera and display? Google’s fleshing out […]

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Google Glass is now available to all (people in the US with $1500 to spare)

Want to try out Google’s wearable computer, but don’t have an invitation to join the Google Glass Explorer program? No problem. Google Glass is now available for anyone in the United States to purchase. You’ll still need to spend $1500, and you’ll still essentially be paying for the privilege of beta testing hardware that Google […]

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Report: Google Glass has about $80 in parts, sells for $1500 (for now)

Want to be part of the Google Glass Explorer program? You’ll need an invite (usually) and $1500. But according to TechInsights, Google’s wearable computer only has about $80 worth of parts. Google tells the Wall Street Journal that the price estimate is “absolutely wrong,” and there are likely at least a few good reasons for […]