Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is faster and cheaper

Google Glass never really took of as a consumer device. But Google hasn’t given up on its head-mounted display platform. Two years after launching Google Glass Enterprise Edition, Google is launching an upgraded version with a faster processor, better camera performance, and optional safety frames for use in manufacturing and other industrial environments. Google Glass […]

Report: Amazon is working on Alexa-powered smart glasses

Google Glass may have shifted from an experimental project aimed at the general public to an enterprise-class product for use in healthcare, industrial, and business environments. But that hasn’t stopped other companies from exploring the possibilities of wearable computing gadgets known as “smart glasses.” According to the Financial Times, Amazon has set its sights on […]

Future for Google Glass comes into focus (it’s enterprise)

Google Glass was a revolutionary new product when it was first announced: a head-worn computer that could respond to voice commands, snap pictures and shoot videos, and display text, images, video, and graphics on a small screen that’s within your normal field of vision without obscuring the rest of your environment. When Google began seeking […]

Google Glass gets a firmware update… 3 years after its last one

Google may have given up plans to launch Google Glass as a consumer product. But that doesn’t mean the company has stopped supporting the $1500 Explorer Edition devices that it sold years ago… although you’d be forgiven for thinking it had. It’s been nearly 3 years since the last update for Google Glass was released. […]

Lenovo’s still developing Google Glass-like products

Google Glass may not have been a huge commercial success, but Lenovo still seems to think there’s merit in the idea of a wearable display that lets you see information at a glance without blocking your entire field of vision. The company unveiled its first smart glass prototype a few years ago. And at CES […]

Samsung Ahead coming to market soon? (Bluetooth device connects a helmet to your phone)

Samsung has filed for a trademark on a logo for an unannounced product called Ahead… which seems to some sort of device that you wear… on your head. Get it? Update:As Luigi from I4U reminds me, Samsung did introduce a product called “Ahead” earlier this year. It’s a triangular device that connects to a helmet […]

This is the next-gen Google Glass (as of May, 2015 anyway)

Half a year ago Google submitted documents to the FCC for a product called the A4R-GG1. At the time there weren’t many publicly-available details, but it looks like the confidentiality period is over, because now the FCC website has photos and a draft of a user manual. What you’re looking at is an updated version […]

Google Glassless: Some next-gen wearables from Google might be audio-only

Google’s first venture into the wearable computer space never quite made the jump from expensive, niche gadget to consumer device. But early adopters of Google Glass did find some uses for the computer-on-headband that floated a display in front of your eyes in commercial, medical, and other professional contexts. Now the team behind Google Glass […]

Lilbits 304: Maybe Microsoft makes more money next year

Microsoft has just released its earnings report for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year. As expected, the company took a nearly $8 billion write-off for costs associated with its acquisition of Nokia’s phone business. So it’s probably not all that surprising that the company says revenue from its Devices and Consumer business declined. Windows OEM […]

Report: Next-gen Google Glass aimed at enterprise (bigger display, faster processor)

Google Glass hasn’t exactly taken off as a consumer device. Google introduced its wearable face computer a few years ago, charged people $1500 for the opportunity to beta test the device, and killed off the Explorer program for early adopters earlier this year. But the Google Glass project isn’t dead… it’s just shifting focus. According […]