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Lilbits: Alder Lake-N vs RK3588, 20 Gigabit broadband, and streaming price hikes

Gigabit broadband connections are old hat. Google Fiber says it’s turning the dial up to 20 and rolling out 20 Gigabit fiber internet in select markets by the end of the year. There’s no word on how much it will cost though… or if you’ll be able to afford it after the latest price hikes […]

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Google may offer wireless home internet service to supplement Google Fiber

Google makes most of its money by showing ads to users of its online services. So it makes sense that the company has been exploring ways to help users get online, ranging from internet-delivered-by-hot-air-balloons to an unusual cellular service that lets subscribers access the internet using a range of mobile and WiFi networks. But one of […]

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Google Fiber-free? Alphabet wants to deliver gigabit internet without wires

Google Fiber offers high-speed internet service to customers in select US markets… and when I say high-speed, I mean Google Fiber is one of the fastest internet service providers in the country, with speeds up to 1 gigabit (1,000 Mbps) for both downloads and uploads. But part of the reason Google Fiber is only available in […]

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Google Fiber customers get Google Cast functionality (no Chromecast required)

Google’s Chromecast may be one of the smallest, cheapest media streaming devices available. But you know what’s even cheaper than a $35 Chromecast? Using hardware that may already be in your home. And soon that’s exactly what Google Fiber customers will be able to do, because Google has announced that it’s bringing Google Cast functionality […]

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Google’s fiber Phone is a new type of land line for $10 per month

The company bringing us self-driving cars, a modular smartphone, and internet service delivered by hot air balloons has announced its next product: a land-line phone service. Well, sort of. Google’s Fiber Phone is a new type of land line that offers unlimited domestic phone calls in the US for $10 per month, as well as […]

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Lilbits (4-09-2013): Super-fast internet in Austin, Amazon Kindle with a stylus?

This week we found out that Google plans to bring Google Fiber to Austin, Texas. But it won’t be the only provider of blazing fast internet over a fiber-optic network. AT&T wants to build a network there too. While the rest of the US is lucky to get download speeds up to 50MB/s, Austin will […]