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Google Drive coming to iOS, Chrome OS today, Docs gets offline editing

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that lets you store your documents, pictures, and other files online and access those files on multiple devices. Up until now, that’s meant Windows, Mac, and Android apps. Starting today, Google Drive will also be available for iOS and Chrome OS. The iOS app lets you search, view, […]

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Google Drive added to Chrome OS file manager

Google is rolling out an update for Chromebook users that adds tight integration with the recently launched Google Drive online storage service. If you’re running Google’s “dev channel” software on an Aceer AC700, Samsung Series 5, or Cr-48 Chromebook, the latest update will add Google Drive integration to your file manager. That means you should […]

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Long-awaited Google Drive launches, here’s how it works

For almost as long as I’ve been writing about technology, there have been rumors that Google was preparing to launch some sort of a cloud storage service called Google Drive. Over the last few years that started to look less and less likely as Google instead gave users large amounts of cloud storage for email, […]

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Google Drive to offer 5GB of online storage for free?

Google is expected to launch an online file storage service soon called Google Drive. Actually, Google was expected to launch it several years ago, but the project kept getting put on hold or canceled… until now. Maybe. There have been numerous reports recently that Google could launch its Google Drive service this year. Now the […]