Google Drive desktop app is turning into a full-fledged Backup and Sync tool

Google has announced that it’s updating its Google Drive application for Mac and PC and merging it with the Google Photos desktop uploader tool. The new app is called Backup and Sync from Google, and it should be available starting June 28th. One of the biggest changes? It’ll let you choose any set of folders […]

Google Docs and Sheets for Android now supports add-ons

It’s been more than two years since Google added support for add-ons to its web-based Docs and Sheets office suite, allowing you to integrate third-party tools to sort sheets, add fonts to documents, create forms, merge labels, use additional types of charts, and more. Now Google Docs and Sheets for Android also supports add-ons. There […]

LibreOffice Online will bring open source office suite to the cloud

LibreOffice is a free, open-source, cross-platform suite of office apps including software for creating spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. There are versions of LibreOffice available for Linux, Windows, OS X, and there’s even an early build for Android. Now the folks behind LibreOffice have announced plans to bring the office suite to a new platform: the web. Collabora and IceWarp […]

Google gives away 2GB extra storage on Google Drive for Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day. It is a day dedicated to reminding people to be safer and more responsible when using online technology. Until today, I hadn’t heard of it, but it is actually celebrating its 12th anniversary. This year, Google is participating in the online security awareness event by offering 2GB of additional storage […]

Google’s office suite for mobile gets Slides, native editing

Google is fleshing out its suite of office apps for mobile devices with the launch of a Slides app for presentation which joins the company’s Docs and Sheets apps. All three apps feature QuickOffice technology for native editing, which means you don’t need an internet connection to create or edit documents anymore… although when you are online, […]

Android: Google Now cards work offline, Google Drive loses doc editing

Google rolled out a few updates to its Android apps this week, some for the better and some for the… well, it depends. The latest version of the Google Search app adds support for viewing Google Now cards even if you lose your internet connection. Meanwhile, the Google Drive app for Android no longer lets […]