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Google launches Chromecast Offers, starting with £4.99 Play Store credit in the uK

Google’s Chromecast is already one of the cheapest device you can attach to a TV in order to stream internet video to the big screen. But Google’s sweetening the deal a bit for UK customers. For a limited time, anyone who buys (or has already bought) a Chromecast in the UK can visit in a web […]

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MyCastScreen adds some Google Now flavor to Chromecast

Sure, you can use the Google Chromecast to stream videos from Netflix, music from Pandora, or even games to your TV. But what about when you’re not really actively using your Chromecast? Google includes a pretty wallpaper and clock widget that you can stare at while you decide which app to use. But MyCastScreen gives you […]

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Lilbits (3-13-2014): Chromecast goes international (soon)

Google has promised that the Chromecast would be available in more countries within weeks… and it looks like one of those countries will be the UK. An employee at UK retailer Currys/PCWorld posted a photo on Twitter showing a box of Chromecast media streaming devices that showed up at his store in advance of the […]

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Google Chromecast launching in more countries within weeks

Google’s $35 Chromecast media streamer provides one of the cheapest, simplest tools for streaming online video to your TV… if you’re in the United States. But soon Google will begin offering the Chromecast around the world. Speaking this week at SXSW, Google’s Android and Chrome chief Sundar Pichai announced that Chromecast would be available in […]

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Lilbits (2-08-2014): More Bay Trail motherboards

A handful of companies have already introduced mini-ITX PC boards featuring low-power Intel Bay Trail processors.  But CNX Software found a company that’s going even smaller. Wibtek’s new “thin mini-ITX” boards can be smaller than a normal mini-ITX board thanks to the fact that they don’t need an ATX power supply. This lets the boards fit […]

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Most popular articles from the week of 7/27 – 8/02

It’s been a very Google-centric week at Liliputing. Looking back over the most popular stories of the past week, we have stories about Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, Google’s Nexus 7, and Google’s new $35 Chromecast media streaming device. Canonical’s crowd-funding campaign for an Ubuntu smartphone also generated a lot of interest — but even though […]

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Lilbits (8-01-2013): BlackBerry Messenger for Android,

Once upon a time BlackBerry pretty much ruled the smartphone space in North America. Those days are long gone thanks to the rise of Android and iOS, but there are still some die-hard fans of at least one BlackBerry service: BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM. What started out as an alternative to sending text messages eventually […]

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Marvell introduces ARMADA 1500-mini chip (already in Google’s Chromecast)

Google’s $35 Chromecast device features a Marvell 88DE3005 single core processor, which is a less powerful version of the chip used in most Google TV boxes. But if that model number doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, now chip maker Marvell is giving the processor a new name. Meet the Marvell Armada 1500-mini. Marvell says […]