Yep, the Google Play Store is coming to Chrome OS

The rumors were true. Google is bringing the Google Play Store to Chrome OS, which means it’ll be much easier to find and install Android apps on Chromebooks or other devices running Google’s Chrome operating system. We’ll probably have to wait until May 19th for Google to officially announce the feature, but a summary for […]

Acer, Asus, Lenovo to launch Chrome OS, Android 3.1 devices with Intel chips?

We’re starting to see Windows 7 tablet and notebook designs featuring Intel’s 1.5 GHz Atom Z670 Oak Trail chip, but according to DigiTimes we could start seeing Oak Trail tablets running Google Android 3.1 soon. We could also see next-generation Chromebooks later this year using Intel’s upcoming Cedar Trail platform. The Intel Atom Z670 is […]

Google may rent Chrome OS laptops to students for $20 per month

    Update: It’s official. Starting June 15th, Google will offer Chromebook laptops and software support, as well as free hardware upgrades for $20 per month for students, and $28 per month per user for business users. Google Chrome OS is an operating system designed around a web browser and web-based applications such as Gmail, […]

Google Cr-48 laptop goes under the knife

Sure, the Google Cr-48 laptop is a device for early adopters who want to test Chrome OS, not the general public. But aren’t you a little curios to know what it looks like under the hood? Apparently you’re not alone, because Engadget has published a series of photos from a user who received the laptop […]

Google intros Chrome OS developer notebook, Acer and Samsung to launch consumer models next year

Google has unveiled the first notebook designed to run the Chrome OS operating system. It’s not really meant for the general public, but the new Cr-48 is a 12 inch notebook that will be available as part of a pilot program for developers and other testers. While the Cr-48 isn’t supposed to be a consumer […]