Google Chrome’s upcoming “Lazy Loading” feature cuts down on resource usage

One of the tricks web designers can use to speed up the loading of web pages and cut down on the amount of data sent to your device is something called “Lazy Loading.” Instead of loading all web content as soon as you visit a page, lazy loading means that some content (usually images) will […]

Soon you’ll only be able to install Google Chrome extensions from the Chrome Web Store

Browser extensions let you do everything from blocking ads to saving documents to changing the behavior of your web browser’s tabs, windows, or toolbars. I’d have a hard time getting anything done without the LastPass password manager extension, and I’ve got a few others installed that come in handy from time to time. Odds are […]

Microsoft launches Windows Defender Browser Protection for Chrome

Microsoft has released a new plugin for the Google Chrome web browser that helps protect you from phishing attacks by alerting you when you click on a link that would take you to a website that’s known to contain malware. It’s called Windows Defender Browser Protection for Google Chrome and… it sounds a lot like […]

Chrome 66 released for desktop, Android with autoplay restrictions, security enhancements

Google has released Chrome 66 for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Among other things, the update brings experimental support for “site isolation” to a limited set of users, as a way to help protect against Spectre-based attacks. Google says the feature is rolling out as a trial now, but it will eventually be available […]

Google Chrome’s ad blocker for sites with annoying ads starts working on February 15th, 2018

Google announced in June that it was building an ad blocker into the Google Chrome web browser and the company outlined plans to use it to block ads on sites with annoying ads starting next year. Now we have a firmer start date: February 15th, 2018. That’s when Chrome will stop showing any ads on […]

Google Chrome 64 will block unexpected website redirects

Ever visit a website and start reading… only to suddenly watch the page unexpectedly change to another site? Google wants to keep that from happening. The company has announced that when Chrome 64 is released it’ll automatically prevent scripts running in third-party iframes from redirecting you to another site without your permission. Google charitably assumes […]