Chromecast may support local video streaming after all… eventually

Google’s Chromecast is a $35 media streaming device designed to let you stream content from YouTube, Netflix, and other online video sites to a TV. But independent developers have been spending the past few weeks teaching the Chromecast new tricks, such as streaming videos from your Android phone’s gallery or from your PC hard drive […]

Chromecast coming soon: Stream anything from CyanogenMod, turn any Android device into a Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast may be an inexpensive device designed to let you stream video from the internet to your TV. But developers are already hard at work finding new ways to use it. Developer Koushik Dutta is working on software that’ll let you stream anything straight from your phone to your TV without going through an online […]

Google Chromecast roundup: Stream local files, peek at the insides, consider the future of TV

Google’s Chromecast device went on sale this week, and the little $35 dongle could change the way we consume television. Or maybe it’ll just be a toy that folks play with for a little while and then tire of. One thing is pretty clear: Google’s latest attempt at bridging the gap between your TV and […]