Google Home Hub uses different software than other Google Assistant smart displays

When JBL and Lenovo launched smart displays powered by Google Assistant this summer, the companies tapped into a platform Google announced at the start of the year. But when Google launched its own smart display this week, the company didn’t follow suit. The Google Home Hub is a $149 smart display with a 7 inch […]

Google Assistant for phones gains Chromecast support

Have a Google Home smart speaker and a Chromecast? Then you can talk to the speaker to play music or videos on any Cast-enabled device. “OK Google, Play Game of Thrones” beams it to your TV, or “OK Google, play Tom Petty on my Living Room speakers” should send music to your ChromeCast audio device. […]

Samsung Gear VR picks up Chromecast support

Say you’re playing a game, watching a 360-degree video, or traveling through foreign cities (or space) using a Samsung Gear VR headsets… but your friends or family are sitting on the couch next to you with no way to envision the wonders you’re seeing. Now you can share your experience to a TV. Oculus has […]

Google Cast for Education lets students show their work to the class

The Google Cast protocol lets you stream content from a smartphone, tablet, or computer to a TV. Now Google has launched a special version of Cast designed for use in classrooms. It’s called Google Cast for Education, and it’s a Chrome web app that lets students and teachers beam content to a central display to […]

Google Fiber customers get Google Cast functionality (no Chromecast required)

Google’s Chromecast may be one of the smallest, cheapest media streaming devices available. But you know what’s even cheaper than a $35 Chromecast? Using hardware that may already be in your home. And soon that’s exactly what Google Fiber customers will be able to do, because Google has announced that it’s bringing Google Cast functionality […]

Vizio introduces TVs and soundbars with built-in Google Cast functionality

A Chromecast is a good, cheap way to upgrade a “dumb” TV. So good, in fact, that Vizio decided to save you the hassle of buying one and just ship TVs with Google Cast functionality built right in. It’s a particularly welcome addition if your entertainment center is already packed with devices fighting for HDMI […]