Report: Google’s Nest WiFi mesh routers will double as smart speakers

Google is holding an event October 15th where the company will officially launch the much-leaked Pixel 4 line of smartphones. But the company could also use the event to introduce other new products… like an update to its Google WiFi line of mesh networking routers. According to a report from 9to5Google, the next version of […]

Google’s Nest Hub Max smart display now available for $229

Google’s second Google Assistant-powered smart display is now available for purchase. The $229 Google Nest Hub Max is bigger (and pricier) than the company’s first model, which launched a year ago. It has a larger display, more powerful speakers, and unlike the original, the Nest Hub Max has a camera for making video calls. The […]

Lenovo’s $80 Smart Clock with Google Assistant now available

Lenovo already offers a line of smart displays that are basically the company’s answer to Amazon’s Echo Show or Google’s Nest Hub. Now Lenovo is going after the Amazon Echo Spot. The Lenovo Smart Clock is a small device with a 4 inch touchscreen display, a speaker, and a microphone. It’s basically a Google Assistant-powered […]

Google Assistant is getting up to 10x faster thanks to on-device language processing

Google Assistant has historically relied on cloud-based services to recognize your voice and respond to your requests. But Google says it’s managed to shrink its voice recognition model to about 500MB, allowing it to be stored on a phone for on-device processing. Since there’s no round-trip to the cloud required, that means Google Assistant can […]

Google’s Android Things is now aimed at OEM partners building Smart Speakers and Displays

When Google launched the Android Things platform a few years ago, the idea was to offer an Android-based operating system for Internet of Things gadgets as well as a platform that anyone could use to build IoT projects using Google’s SDK and popular devices like a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Now Google says it’s […]

Project Alias hacks your smart speaker so it’s only listening when you want

There’s something kind of magical about saying “Alexa” or “OK Google” to get a weather forecast, recipe, navigation directions, or to play music or control your smart home appliances. There’s also something a little creepy about it since you need to have an always-listening, internet-connected speaker in your house to do those things. Sure, Google […]

Lenovo introduces a 4 inch Google Assistant-powered Smart Clock (coming soon for $79)

Amazon’s Echo Spot is going to get some competition in the smart, touchscreen alarm clock space this year. We already started to see some Google Assistant-powered smart displays last year, designed to take on Amazon’s Echo Show line of devices. Now Lenovo has taken things to a smaller scale. The Lenovo Smart Clock has a […]

LG launches a smart display with Google Assistant, 20W speakers

LG is the latest company to launch a smart display powered by Google Assistant. The system features an 8 inch HD touchscreen display, a 5MP front-facing camera for video calls, and stereo 20W speakers, which LG says are “the most powerful offered in a smart speaker,” which doesn’t seem exactly true. But the most impressive […]

Google Assistant gains multilingual support

Google Assistant already supports multiple languages, but up until now you could only use one language at a time to speak to your smartphone, smart speaker, or other Assistant-enabled device. Today Google announced that it’s adding multilingual support, which means that if people speak more than one language in your household, you don’t have to […]