Google unveils Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Nexus S smartphone

Google has released the Software Developer Kit for Android 2.3. The company is also introducing the Google Nexus S smartphone which will be one of the first to run the updated operating system. It will be available for purchase online or at retailers including Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse starting December 16th in the US […]

Time to root your T-Mobile phone, $14.99 tethering fee kicks in this weekend

As expected, T-Mobile is about to start charging $14.99 per month for the ability to tether your smartphone to your laptop so that you can surf the web with a computer using your phone as a modem. Some T-Mobile customers have been doing this for free since Google rolled out USB tethering and WiFi hotspot […]

Samsung Galaxy Player set to give the iPod touch a run for its money.

The Samsung Galaxy Player 50 is basically an Android phone without the phone… in other words, it’s the closest thing you’ll find to an iPod touch for Android. It can run Android apps, handle music, movies, and other media, and do just about anything you can do with a Samsung Galaxy S smartphone… except make […]

Tablets sporting Google Android 3.0 Gingerbread to arrive in January?

Apple might not have shipped quite as many iPads this quarter as some analysts had expected, but with over 4 million units shipped, the product launch was clearly a success. It’s not really clear yet whether this proves that world is ready for more tablets… or just that an Apple tablet has proved to be […]

LG puts Android tablet plans on hold, waits for Gingerbread

Google has already said that it doesn’t consider Android 2.x to be an operating system suitable for tablets. While Samsung, Dell, Toshiba, and a number of other device makers seem to disagree, LG seems to be on the same page as Google. The company had been planning to launch a tablet using Android 2.2, but […]

Toshiba AC100 attempts to run several Android apps with mixed success – Video

The Toshiba AC100 is a 1.9 pound laptop with an NVIDIA Tegra chip, a 10 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display, and Google Android 2.1. Google doesn’t officially support Android for notebooks, so Toshiba developed some custom software for the device allowing it to work with a touchpad, for instance. Toshiba also ships the AC100 […]

Toshiba AC100 Android netbook to get Froyo in October (where available)

The Toshiba AC100 is a mini-laptop with an NVIDIA Tegra chipset, 3G modem, and Google Android operating system. Right now it ships with Android 2.1. That is, it ships with Android 2.1 in the very small number of countries where it does ship, including Japan and the UK. But Carrypad reports Toshiba is preparing to […]