Intel demos Lenovo tablet with Medfield CPU, Android 4.0 – video

Intel is showing off a tablet prototype with a 1.5 GHz Intel Atom Medfield processor and Android 4.0 operating system.. The tablet is a pre-production unit from Lenovo called the IdeaTab S2110 and to be honest, it looks nearly identical to any of the dozens of 10 inch Android tablets we’ve seen over the past […]

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ported to x86 chips

About two weeks after Google released the source code for Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the folks at the Android-x86 project have released the first build for x86 chips. That’s pretty impressive, considering Google has only released the source for devices with ARM-based processors such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Google is reportedly […]

There are about 6 million Android tablets in the wild

Android smartphones are outselling iPhones these days (although no single¬†Android phone is selling better than the iPhone). But when it comes to tablets, the Apple iPad is still the undisputed champ. More iPads have been sold than all the tablets running Android Honeycomb software put together. But the numbers aren’t as bad as some may […]

Now you can install Honeycomb on the HTC Flyer (but maybe you shouldn’t yet)

HTC hasn’t officially released a software update for the HTC Flyer 7 inch tablet that will let you run Google Android 3.2 Honeycomb yet. But a few days ago Paul O’Brien posted a leaked Honeycomb ROM designed to run on the tablet. It took a few days, but xda-developers forum member Globatron managed to get […]

When the time comes, installing Android 3.1 on the XOOM takes about 5 minutes

Google Android 3.1 has been rolling out for Motorola XOOM units for the past few days. While Google officials initially stated that the update would be available for Verizon XOOM 3G customers first, a number of people with WiFi-only tablets have also confirmed that they’ve received the update. Today I got an update notification on […]

Amazon CEO on Amazon tablet plans: “Stay tuned”

There’ve been rumors floating around for the past few months that Amazon could be preparing an Android tablet that would presumably ship with the Amazon Appstore, Amazon Kindle, Amazon MP3, and other Amazon-branded services. When asked flat out about the project by the folks at Consumer Reports, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said “stay tuned” for […]

Google expands Android beyond smartphones and tablets

Google Android may have started off as a smartphone operating system, but the software now powers tablets, set-top-boxes running Google TV, and even some laptops. Now Google is embracing the expansion of the Android platform with a few new announcements. First, Google is baking USB host support into Android 3.1 and launching an Android Open […]

Can’t pick an OS? Always Innovating pushes triple-boot Android, Chrome, Ubuntu platform

Always Innovating, the company that brought us a tablet/netbook hybrid that you could stick to a refrigerator is back. But this time instead of focusing on its own hardware, this time the company is showcasing software it’s developed which can run on the $149 BeagleBoard compact computing platform. The software is called Super-Jumbo, and for […]