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Lilbits (8-27-2013): Is Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer being forced out?

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will step down within the next 12 months and hand over the reigns of a new CEO. When the news was announced on Friday, Ballmer and company made it sound like a peaceful transition that would allow someone new to oversee the next stages in the company’s transition from makers of […]

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Android 4.3 ported to x86, runs on desktop, laptop computers

Google’s Android operating system may designed for low-power devices with touchscreens including smartphones and tablets. But that doesn’t mean you can’t run it on a laptop or desktop computer. While Android has officially supported Intel’s low-power smartphone chips for a while, there’s also an unofficial Android-x86 project which ports Google’s mobile operating system to run […]

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Hidden goodies in Android 4.3: Support for 4K screens, per-app permission controls

Google Android 4.3 may be a minor update to Google’s mobile operating system, but it has some nice features including performance tweaks, Bluetooth improvements, support for limiting a user’s access to some apps or content on multi-user devices, and much more. But if you dig into the source code, it looks like there are also […]

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Android 4.3 for the Google Nexus 4 leaked, you can install it now

Google is expected to introduce Android 4.3 soon, but if you have a Google Nexus 4 smartphone you can install an early build of the operating system now. A leaked build of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S4 hit the streets a few weeks ago. Now there’s a build available for Google’s […]

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Google Android 4.3 spotted in the wild, brings new camera app to Nexus 4

Google’s annual developer conference came and went this month without the launch of a new version of the Android operating system. But web publishers (including this one) have noticed a growing number of visits from folks using mobile devices identified as running Android 4.3 in recent weeks… and now a member of the xda-developers forum […]