Gole1 mini PC giveaway

The Gole1 mini PC is one of the oddest devices I’ve reviewed in recent years: it’s either a tiny desktop computer with a touchscreen and a battery, or a chunky handheld tablet that can also be used like a dekstop, depending on how you look at it. I’m not entirely sure what you’re supposed to […]

Phone-sized GOLE1 is a $99 Windows 10 PC (with a touchscreen)

There’s no shortage of cheap, tiny desktop computers with Intel Atom processors and Windows 10 software. But theĀ GOLE1 is a bit different. It’s basically a tiny Windows desktop that’s small enough to slide into a pocket. But in addition to four full-sized USB ports and HDMI output, the GOLE1 has a 5 inch touchscreen display […]