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Gole11 is a small, low-power desktop PC with an 11.6 inch display for $99 and up during crowdfunding

A few years ago Chinese PC maker Gole released an odd little device called the Gole1 that blurred the lines between desktop and tablet computers by stuffing full-sized ports into a pocket-sized computer with a 5 inch display and a battery. Now the company has introduced a new system called the HiGole F11APL which is […]

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Gole launches the GOLE2 mini PC with Android or Windows

The Gole1 I tested this summer is one of the most unusual computers I’ve tested in years. It’s basically a mini-desktop computer with a 5 inch display tacked onto the top and a small battery under the hood… or maybe it’s a thick tablet with full-sized ports and a tiny screen. It’s not necessarily the best […]

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Gole1 mini PC giveaway

The Gole1 mini PC is one of the oddest devices I’ve reviewed in recent years: it’s either a tiny desktop computer with a touchscreen and a battery, or a chunky handheld tablet that can also be used like a dekstop, depending on how you look at it. I’m not entirely sure what you’re supposed to […]

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Gole1 mini PC review: Blurring the lines between tablets and desktop PCs

The Gole1 is a tiny computer that’s hard to categorize. It’s basically a compact desktop computer that you can also use as a tablet. Or maybe it’s a tablet with a really small screen, a bunch of ports, and a kind of thick case. Either way, it’s a small device that you can plug into […]