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Lilbits: Playdate dissected, PC shipments continue to rise, and Chromebooks lose support for MS Office Android apps

Chromebooks are basically just laptops that ship with Google’s Chrome OS rather than another operating system. But since Chrome OS was designed to put the web browser front and center, some folks have insisted that it’s not a real operating system – after all, it loses much of its functionality if you lose your internet connection. […]

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Lilbits: Windows, Linux, and Intel news

This week Microsoft released Windows Insider Preview Build 21343 which introduces new icons for File Explorer and brings improvements for the Windows Sandbox and Microsoft Defender Application Guard. It turns out there are also a few features Microsoft didn’t mention – including an option to restart currently running apps after you sign out and sign […]

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Fedora 30 released with flicker-free boot, better high-res display support, and more

The team behind the popular GNU/Linux distribution Fedora have released a major update that brings a bunch of software updates, some new options, and optimizations. Fedora 30 is now available for download from the Fedora website, or if you’re already using an earlier version, you should be prompted to download and install the update. The […]

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Purism’s Librem 5 Linux smartphone will support GNOME or KDE software (if it launches)

Purism launched a crowdfunding campaign for a GNU/Linux smartphone last month, in the hopes of raising $1.5 million to bring the Purism Librem 5 to market. With more than a month to go, the corporation has raised nearly $300,000 which sounds pretty good until you realize that it’s just about 20 percent of the goal. […]

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Ubuntu 17.04 released… as developers prepare to make GNOME the default desktop in 2018

Ubuntu’s been in the news a bit lately due to the decision to drop the Unity desktop environment, give up on smartphones and tablets, and switch to the GNOME desktop by this time next year. But today Canonical released the latest stable build of Ubuntu, and it still very much features the Unity desktop experience […]

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Ubuntu 18.04 to feature GNOME desktop by default (DisUnity?)

After years of working on a user interface designed to run across phones, tablets, and desktop computers, the developers of the Ubuntu operating system have decided to shift focus. Starting next year, the default desktop environment for Ubuntu will be GNOME rather than Unity. Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth says the  change will start with the […]

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Ubuntu GNOME is now an official alternative to Unity, KDE, etc

Love Ubuntu Linux, but hate the Unity desktop environment that Canonical ships with it? There are a number of alternative versions of Ubuntu supported by a large development community including Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and Lubuntu — each with a different desktop environment. Now you can add Ubuntu GNOME to the list. Up until a few years […]

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Ubuntu 12.10 GNOME Remix released

Ubuntu remains one of the most popular desktop Linux operating systems around. But over the past few years the developers have annoyed a fair number of long-time users by switching the default desktop environment from GNOME to Unity. Unity was built in-house, and while it’s not a bad looking user interface, it’s also not nearly […]

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Ubuntu 12.10 may get GNOME Flavoring (along with Unity, KDE, etc)

Up until a few years ago Ubuntu Linux used the GNOME desktop environment which provided the basic look and feel to the desktop and toolbar as well as a series of default apps. But starting with Ubuntu 11.04, GNOME was replaced with the Unity user interface which was built by the Ubuntu developers. Users who […]