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Wacom’s upcoming mobile tablet could sport an NVIDIA Tegra 4 chip

Over the past few years “tablet” has come to mean a mobile device you can use to surf the web, play games, and run other apps. But Wacom’s been making a different kind of tablet for years. The company’s “graphics tablets” can be hooked up to a computer and used by digital artists to draw […]

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Unannounced Acer B1-A71 tablet in the works

It looks like Acer may have a new budget tablet in the works. An unannounced tablet called the Acer B1-A71 showed up this week at the FCC website, and the GLBenchmark website has test scores for a device with the same name. While Acer hasn’t provided any details on a price or launch date, the […]

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Archos device with full HD screen in the works, could be a gaming tablet

French tablet maker Archos offers a range of portable media players and Android tablets, often for relatively low prices. But the company has announced plans to release a tablet aimed at gaming, and if some benchmark results spotted by ArchosLounge are anything to go by, the new tablet could have a 1920 x 1200 pixel […]

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Asus Padfone specs leaked by GLBenchmark

The Asus Padfone isn’t expected to ship until February, but it looks like someone at Asus may have been testing an early unit. Some benchmark results have shown up at the GLBenchmark website. The Padfone is a smartphone-tablet hybrid. It includes a fully functional Android smartphone, along with a tablet docking station. Just slap the […]

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Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 with NVIDIA Kal-El processor benchmarked

NVIDIA is starting to reveal some new details about the Kal-El multi-core processor that will power next-generation phones and tablets. The new chips could launch by the end of the year and show up in actual products soon after. Now it looks like we may have confirmation that one of the first devices to use […]