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Snap’s Spectacles 3 coming in November, can record 3D video

I’ve never seen anyone wearing Snap Spectacles in the wild, but somebody must be buying the company’s wearable cameras/glasses because Snap keeps making them. The latest version adds a second camera, support for 3D video recording, and a much higher price tag. Snap Spectacles 3 are up for pre-order for $380, and they’re set to begin […]

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Display tech could make eyeglasses unnecessary (when viewing a screen)

Researchers are developing a new display technology that could let folks who wear glasses see a screen clearly without wearing their spectacles. The technology uses your eyeglass prescription to adjust a filter in front of the display so that you see a sharp image even if you’re normally blind as a bat (or blinder, since […]

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Google adds more stylish frames for Google Glass

There’s no avoiding the fact that Google Glass is geeky. You’re essentially strapping a wearable camera and computer to your face. But now that Google offers Glass with frames for prescription lenses, it looks a little less crazy. After all, you’re already wearing something on your face… why not add a camera and display? Google’s fleshing out […]

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Google Glass Titanium Collection brings frames for prescription lenses, shades

Google Glass is a mobile device you wear sort of like a pair of glasses by placing resting the frame across your ears and the bridge of your nose. But what if you want to use Glass with a real pair of glasses? Google is now making that possible thanks to the introduction of the Titanium […]

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Google reveals Project Glass, tries to make augmented reality look cool

Bluetooth headsets changed the way many people use cellphones. Instead of holding a brick of metal or plastic up to your ear, you can keep your phone in your pocket while you talk. Now Google is unveiling a project that could bring the same sort of hands-free operating to smartphones, complete with maps, video chat, […]