Laptop Magazine: Gigabyte M912 is hot… too hot

The Gigabyte M912 is the first netbook-class device to feature a touchscreen display that can rotate 180 degrees for tablet-style use. What sets the M912 apart from your typical tablet PC computers is the fact that it sells for under $1000, weighs less than 4 pounds, and has an 8.9 inch display. But it also […]

Gigabyte M912 gets unboxed… again

Sure, we saw Chippy unbox a Gigabyte M912 the other day. But he got his hands on a pre-production unit. Laptop Magazine, on the other hand, found an eBay seller who was willing to ship a unit with the official packaging from Taiwan. The packaging looks pretty decent. And the computer comes with a nice […]

Gigabyte M912 runs Windows Vista

Gigabyte has gone out of its way to make sure the company’s first low cost ultraportable stands out from the crowd. Not only will the Gigabyte M912 feature a swiveling tablet-style touch screen, but Engadget Chinese reports that it also runs Windows Vista instead of Windows XP. The decision to use Vista is apparently due […]

Gigabyte M912 low-cost tablet PC

It looks like Gigabyte is getting ready to launch its first low-cost ultraportable. And the company is setting itself apart from the crowd by making its entry into the field a tablet PC. Engadget got a little hands-on time with the Gigabyte M912 this morning. And we’ll probably be seeing a lot more of the […]