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KFC and Cooler Master introduce the KFConsole gaming PC (no, really)

This summer as Sony and Microsoft were talking up their PS5 and Xbox Series X game consoles, something unexpected happened: a fast food company known for fried chicken released a teaser video for its own game console. Plenty of people figured it was a joke. And, I mean, it probably is. But KFC has followed […]

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Razer Tomahawk modular mini gaming PC listed for $2400 and up

Gaming hardware maker Razer has been dabbling with the idea of a modular desktop computer since at least 2014, when the company showed off its Project Christine concept at that year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Six years later, during CES 2020, the company finally announced it was actually going to sell a modular PC called the […]

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Intel “Ghost Canyon” NUC now available for $999 and up (modular compact PC with discrete graphics support)

Intel’s NUC line of computers are small desktop PCs that typically have laptop-class hardware. But this year the company introduced the most powerful NUC to date. And now it’s available for purchase. The Intel “Ghost Canyon” NUC is powered by a removable Intel Compute Element with a 9th-gen Intel Coffee Lake-H processor. And the system […]

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Lilbits 387: Updates on the PinePhone, Ghost Canyon NUC, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Pine64 has been making Raspberry Pi-like single-board computers for a while, but over the past few years the company has become one of the most interesting players in the cheap Linux computer space. The company’s PinePhone is a $150 smartphone designed to run GNU/Linux software. The PineBook Pro is a $200 Linux laptop with specs […]

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Akasa introduces Venom QX case for Intel NUC 9 Compute Element

PC accessory maker Akasa has been offering fanless NUC cases for years. Take the guts of an Intel NUC mini-computer, remove them from the original case and put them into an Akasa chassis and you have a small, silent, passively-cooled PC. Now Akasa is introducing its first actively-cooled NUC case. It’s compatible with Intel’s new NUC […]

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At least five Intel Compute Element-compatible PC cases coming this year

Intel’s NUC Compute Element is a computer-in-a-module that features a processor, memory, storage, a fan, and other key components. But it’s not quite a self-contained computer — instead it’s designed to be part of a modular system. Slide it into a compatible computer case and you can connect a keyboard, mouse, display, graphics card, or […]

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Intel “Ghost Canyon” NUC with discrete graphics support to ship with Coffee Lake-H Compute Element

Most of Intel’s NUC computers to date have basically taken the guts of a laptop and stuffed them into a small box that’s easy to hide away behind a monitor or under a desk. If you’re looking for something that takes up less space than a typical desktop PC tower and don’t mind sacrificing some […]

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Intel Ghost Canyon NUC teardown reveals removable “The Element” module inside

Intel’s upcoming “Ghost Canyon” NUC is expected to be one of the most powerful mini computers from the company to date. Expected to be powered by a 45 watt, 9th-gen Intel Core H-series processor, the small form-factor computer will be aimed at gamers, and it includes a PCIe x16 slot for a discrete graphics card. […]

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Intel’s NUC roadmap includes mini PCs for gaming, workstation, and mainstream use

We recently learned that Intel’s upcoming Quartz Canyon NUC would be the company’s first workstation-class mini-desktop computer, featuring support for Intel Xeon processors and discrete, replaceable graphics cards. But that’s just one of the new NUC mini computers Intel is working on. A series of images posted to ChipHell also make it clear that the […]

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Intel NUC roadmap shows octa-core mini PCs are on the way

Intel’s NUC line of computers are tiny desktops that generally have laptop-class processors. But laptop processors are getting pretty powerful these days, and so are NUCs. The Bean Canyon model I’ve got on my review desk features a 28W processor with surprisingly strong performance. The Hades Canyon line of NUCs are even more powerful — […]