Google confirms Pixel 4 will support hands-free gestures, face unlock (with Soli radar tech)

Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone will be the first commercially available device to use the company’s Soli motion-sensing radar technology. That means you’ll be able to interact with the phone without touching it by doing things like waving your hands to skip songs, snooze an alarm, or silence an incoming phone call. Soli will also […]

Google’s Project Soli radar tech for hands-free controls gains FCC appproval

Google’s Project Soli technology could make it possible to control phones, tablets, watches, and other electronic devices without touching them or talking to them. Instead you can just make small, precise movements with your fingertips. First demonstrated in 2015, Soli still isn’t ready for prime time yet — you can’t buy any products that use […]

Bixi brings gesture controls to smart devices

Bixi is a small device that lets you control other smart gadgets by moving your hands through the air. Want to adjust the volume of your speaker without touching it? Just move your hand toward or away from the Bixi sensor. Want to skip music tracks? Wave your hand left or right. For the most […]

Leap Motion to bring hand-tracking to phone-based VR headsets

Leap Motion has been producing sensors for the past few years that allow you to control a computer without touching it by moving your hands and fingers through the air. Now the company has announced plans to bring its technology to mobile devices, bringing hand-tracking features to virtual reality headsets that rely on smartphones, like […]

Synaptics SmartBar brings gesture support to your PC spacebar

Synaptics is best known for its technology that powers the touchpads below the keyboards on millions of notebooks. But now the company is introducing a new product that’s actually part of the keyboard. Synaptics SmartBar technology will let PC makers build keyboards with touch-sensitive spacebars that will let you scroll, zoom, and perform other gestures without […]

Dell Venue 8 7000 Series tablet with 3D camera gets the FCC teardown treatment

Dell plans to launch the first Android tablet to feature an Intel RealSense 3D camera by the end of the year. Even without the camera, the Dell Venue 8 7000 Series looks like an interesting tablet: It’s just 0.24 inches thick and features an 8.4 inch, 2560 x 1600 pixel OLED display. While Dell hasn’t […]

Smartwatch prototype replaces touchscreen with Pan, Twist, Tilt, and click

The main way you interact with smartphones and tablets is through touchscreens. But that doesn’t mean touchscreens are the right solution for every form factor. While many wearable devices including smartwatches support touch input, Google thinks voice controls will play a key role in its new Google Wear platform and the popular Pebble smartwatch has buttons […]

Swype finally hits the Play Store, install the gesture-driven keyboard for $0.99

Swype is a keyboard for Android devices that lets you enter text either by tapping one letter at a time, or by dragging your finger from key to key without lifting it from the screen. Most of the time using that swiping gesture action will be faster than traditional typing, thanks to Swype’s strong text […]

Leap Motion coming in May for $80 (Add motion controls to your PC)

The Leap Motion Controller is a device that lets you interact with a computer using gesture-based controls by waiving your hands in the air (whether or not you care). Leap Motion has been showing off the technology for a few months, and now the company has announced that the Leap Motion Controller will be available […]