Lilbits: Amazon Sidewalk, Microsoft buys Bethesda, and game streaming on Linux

Amazon is diving deeper into the connected home space… by preparing to move just outside your home. Amazon Sidewalk will use a combination of wireless technologies to let your security cameras keep sending alerts even if your WiFi is out, or let your connected lights or other sensors work even if they’re beyond the range […]

Lilbits: Access Linux files in Windows, sync your Steam games with Chromebooks (in the cloud)

Last month NVIDIA announced that its GeForce Now game streaming service was adding support for Chromebooks, allowing you to stream PC games through a web app, even if you’re using low-end hardware. Now NVIDIA is making it easier to access games you already own, by allowing Chromebook users to sync their Steam game libraries. Meanwhile […]

Lilbits: Dark Sky goes dark, Pixel 5a, PowerToys v0.20 and game & video streaming updates

The end is here for the Dark Sky app for Android. There’s a new version of Microsoft’s PowerToys app for Windows. Google is already working on the Pixel 5a, even though the Pixel 4a hasn’t officially been announced yet. Microsoft may be in talks to buy TikTok. And Netflix is finally building functionality into its […]

Lilbits 6-11-2020: Game Streaming expansion

Google’s Stadia game streaming platform officially works with computers, Chromecast Ultra media streamers, and a limited number of recent Android phones. But now Google has added beta/experimental support for just about any recent Android device which could turn the device already in your pocket into a game console. Stadia for phones also now includes support for […]

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming service is now opt-in for developers (so fewer games should disappear unexpectedly)

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming platform operates under a rather simple premise — play the games you already own on any supported device by streaming it from a remote server. That means you can play PC games on an Android Phone, NVIDIA Shield TV, or entry-level computer without the need to invest in expensive gaming […]

More game publishers pull titles from NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming platform

NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming service exited beta in February, allowing subscribers to access a library of games in the cloud and stream to any supported device (including computers, smartphones, or NVIDIA Shield devices). A week later, Activision Blizzard announced it was pulling its games from the service. Now a bunch of other publishers have […]

Activision Blizzard pulls games from GeForce Now as game streaming wars begin

You know how you have to subscribe to umpteen different video streaming services if you want to watch Man in the High Castle, Stranger Things, Star Trek: Picard, Avenue 5, and Doctor Who? It looks like game streaming services could go the same way. Just a week after announcing the public launch of its GeForce Now game streaming service, following […]

NVIDIA GeForce game streaming service exits beta with freemium pricing

Late last year Google launched its Stadia game streaming service, Microsoft kicked off a preview of its Project xCloud. But NVIDIA’s been beta testing a game streaming service since 2013. Now it’s finally out of beta and available for users in North America and Europe. NVIDIA’s GeForce Now game streaming service is a little different from […]