Lawsuit reveals privacy-focused Blackphone was a sales flop

A few years after launching a line of smartphones designed to protect users privacy and security, the makers of the Blackphone are taking one another to court. Swiss software company Silent Circle had partnered with Spanish phone maker Geeksphone to make the Blackphone and Blackphone 2. But court documents reveal that the companies overestimated demand […]

Geeksphone stops making phones, shifts to wearables

Spanish device maker Geeksphone has produced a few interesting, but niche products over the past few years. That includes some of the first phones to ship with Firefox OS, a multi-OS phone capable of running either Android or Mozilla software, and a super-secure smartphone developed in partnership with privacy and security firm Silent Circle. But after […]

Firefox OS expands in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific

Mozilla’s Firefox OS is a light-weight mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets. While there are only a handful of Firefox OS devices available for purchase at the moment, and they’re only available in a handful of countries, Mozilla says Firefox OS is expanding into new territory. Wireless carriers in India, Taiwan, and other Asia Pacific […]

Blackphone to ship in July (to folks willing to spend $629 for privacy)

The Blackphone is a $629 smartphone aimed at folks who value privacy. While it has the specs of a mid-range smartphone, it stands out due to  custom version of Android called PrivatOS as well as apps and services that put an emphasis on privacy. For instance the phone lets you make encrypted voice and video calls […]

Geeksphone Revolution multi-OS phone gets a price cut, CyanogenMod option

Spanish device maker Geeksphone is lowering the price of its multi-OS smartphone and adding another OS to the mix. The Geeksphone Revolution launched in Europe February for about 222€ or a little over $300. Now it’ll be available for 199€ which is about $275. The price includes VAT, which means the pre-tax price is actually about […]

Geeksphone Revolution Android/Firefox phone launches for $300

Spanish phone maker Geeksphone is now taking orders for the Geeksphone Revolution, a phone designed to run either Google Android or the open source version of Firefox OS, also called Boot to Gecko. It’s available from the Geeksphone store for 222 Euros, or a little over $300 US. While the Revolution supports two different operating […]

Geeksphone Revolution smartphone with Mozilla software launches Feb 20th for $400

The Geeksphone Revolution is a smartphone designed to run the open source version of Firefox OS… or other operating systems. It’s a 4.7 inch phone with mid-range specs — but that could be enough to make it the most powerful phone designed to run Mozilla software so far. And if you’re not happy with that […]

Geeksphone Revolution to support Android, Mozilla Boot2Gecko, other OSes

Geeksphone was one of the first companies to offer phones with Mozilla’s Boot2Gecko software (the open source version of Firefox OS). Now the company is preparing to launch a new phone which can run Boot2Gecko… or other operating systems. The Geeksphone Revolution is a 4.7 inch phone with mid-range specs. But what makes it really […]

Geeksphone Revolution revealed, minus Android Firefox OS dual-boot clues

Pictures have surfaced of the Geeksphone Revolution, the upcoming phone that’s reportedly going to allow you to boot into either Android or Firefox OS. As you can see, the Revolution’s design is quite subdued — nothing flashy here. It looks a bit like the Moto G and Moto X, and it also seems like it […]

Blackphone promises complete privacy, but what will it deliver?

Privacy-minded smartphone users, take heed. There’s a new handset coming called Blackphone, and its creators want you to know that it’s being built from the ground up to provide the most secure smartphone experience possible. But will it live up to the hype? The Blackphone team is comprised of some heavy hitters in the digital […]