Crowdfunded Gameband watch cancelled (no tiny screen Atari games for you)

The Gameband was supposed to be a watch with a 1.6 inch touchscreen display, the sort of hardware you’d expect to find in a smartwatch, and a focus on gaming — the developers partnered with Atari and planned to load the Gameband with games including Asteroids, breakout, Centipede and Pong. But a year and a […]

Microsoft begins testing Project xCloud: Stream Xbox games to PCs, smartphones, and consoles

Google may be working with game developer to let you stream PC games to a web browser, but Microsoft wants to let you play games on just about any device. The company has unveiled a new game streaming service called Project xCloud that lets you stream PC games to a console, PC, or mobile device […]

The KillMii is a Nintendo Wii game console stuffed in an Altoids tin

The Nintendo Wii introduced a whole new way to play console games when it launched in 2006. At a time when Sony and Microsoft were releasing big, power-hungry devices with high-performance graphics, Nintendo went a different direction and launched a small box that came with a motion controller that allowed you to interact with games […]

Switch Online NES emulator hacked to run unofficial ROMs

As promised, Nintendo’s Switch Online service finally went live yesterday. One feature that had Switch owners particularly excited was its library of classic NES titles. The selection of games is somewhat limited right now… but hackers have already solved that little problem. That’s right. It took less than 24 hours for Switch modders to figure […]

NVIDIA launches RTX 2000 series graphics with ray-tracing technology

NVIDIA is launching the first graphics cards with support for real-time ray tracing. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070, RTX 2080, and RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards go up for pre-order today and should be available in stores starting September 20th. Prices start at $499. The new graphics cards are based on NVIDIA’s new Turing graphics […]

Linux-based Steam OS may add support for Windows games

Valve’s SteamOS is a Linux-based operating system built around the popular Steam gaming platform. Valve announced SteamOS to much fanfare a few years ago, but things have sort of fizzled out since then. There aren’t many “Steam Machine” computers available for purchase, most Steam users continue to run Windows, and many of the games available […]

Chuwi HiGame mini PC with Kaby Lake-G hits Indiegogo for $899 and up

The Chuwi HiGame mini is a compact gaming desktop with an Intel Kaby Lake-G processor and AMD Radeon Vega M graphics. Measuring just 6.8″ x 6.2″ x 2.9″, the HiGame is smaller than an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but it’s a full-fledged desktop computer capable of handling virtual reality and/or multiple 4K displays. It’s […]

The ROG Phone is the first gaming smartphone from Asus

As expected, Asus is getting into the gaming smartphone business with the introduction of the ROG Phone. Among other things, the phone features an overclocked Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, a vapor cooling system, a set of programmable “ultrasonic AirTrigger” buttons, and a docking port (basically two USB Type-C ports) on the side that lets you […]

Black Shark gaming smartphone features liquid cooling, detachable gamepad, and 4,000 mAh battery

Xiaomi subsidiary Black Shark has unveiled its first product, a smartphone designed for gaming. It’s a high-end phone with a big, bright display, a big battery, and (mostly) top-tier specs. The Black Shark Gaming Phone is also designed to work with an optional detachable game controller, allowing you to use physical buttons and an analog […]

This dock lets you use wired gaming mice and keyboards with a phone for some reason

Sure, you can pair a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with your phone. But what if you have a favorite mechanical keyboard or gaming mouse that you want to use… but it only works via USB? That, apparently, is the question the GameSir X1 BattleDock hopes to answer… I guess. This $50 dock is basically a […]

Smach Z handheld gaming PC specs finalized: Ryzen V1605B, up to 8GB RAM

The Smach Z is a handheld gaming PC that’s been under development in one way or another since the developer released the first rendered images of a so-called “SteamBoy” handheld game system in 2014. Now Smach CEO Daniel Fernandez is getting ready to bring the Smach Z to market, hopefully in 2018. This week we […]