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GPD Win Max handheld gaming computer (what we know so far)

GPD makes some of the most interesting handheld computers and gaming devices we’ve seen in recent years. And this year the company plans to launch its most powerful model to date — the upcoming GPD Win Max will be a computer that looks like a tiny laptop, but which also has built-in gamepads. The system’s […]

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Smach Z handheld gaming PC will support up to Radeon Vega 11 graphics

After years of development, Smach finally started showing gameplay videos of the Smach Z handheld gaming PC last year, and began bringing working prototypes to trade shows this year. Last month YouTuber The Phawx started posting in-depth hands-on videos of a prototype he received from Smach. And now Smach is showing off the latest versions […]

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This is Panasonic’s canceled Jungle handheld game console (or a prototype anyway)

Once upon a time Panasonic had big plans to launch a small game console. It would have been called The Jungle and it would have been a clamshell-style handheld device with a screen that folds down over a QWERTY keyboard, D-pad, a touchpad and a smaller, secondary display. Panasonic first revealed it was working on […]

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GPD Win 2: Handheld and desktop gaming and general purpose computing

The GPD Win 2 is positioned as a handheld gaming PC… and it is. But it’s also a fully functional computer that ships with Windows 10, 8GB of RAM, and the same processor used in the entry-level Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Laptop products. GPD plans to ship the computer in a few months, and […]

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GPD Win handheld gaming PC (quick review)

The GPD Win is a small device that looks like a handheld game console… and it is. But it’s also a full-fledged, if low-powered, Windows computer. It’s the first Windows device from GPD, a company that’s released a number of Android-powered gaming handhelds over the past few years. Following a crowdfunding campaign for the GPD […]

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GPD Win is a handheld Windows gaming PC for $299 (crowdfunding)

As expected, GPD has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new handheld gaming device. But unlike most of the company’s products to date, this new handheld isn’t an Android tablet. It’s a tiny Windows PC. The GPD Win is basically a laptop with a 5.5 inch display, an Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor, dedicated gaming […]